We want to convey “delicious, fun, happy”.

We want all our customers to take home a little excitement from “eating”.
We are waiting for those who can sympathize with our thoughts.
The most important aspect of working at AWOMB is teamwork.
Those who enjoy communicating with people, and those who can grow together with the staff while enjoying “food”. Please feel free to contact us.

Make your hobby your job.

We are still a small company, 20 years since our founding, and about 10 years since we started the Teori-sushi brand.
We would like to challenge new things and grow together with everyone.

What is suitable for me? The awareness varies depending on the place of work and the person.
That’s why we believe that people can change and grow greatly depending on the encounters and places they meet. Learn together with the people you work with, and what you feel while doing so. This is a workplace where you can experience a variety of things.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to turn your strengths and interests into skills that you didn’t realize on your own, and if you’re already clear about your area of expertise, it might be a good idea to work together to master that area.

We hope that your workplace will be a turning point in your search for yourself.