AWOMB karasuma honten

At AWOMB karasuma honten, you can freely combine about 50 kinds of seasonal ingredients such as obanzai, and condiments to create their own original hand-rolled sushi.
We offer dishes such as “Teori-sushi” and elaborate sweets and drinks in a tasteful space that fuses classic and modern styles in a renovated Kyomachiya.
Please come and experience the atmosphere of Kyoto that still remains in the modern townscape together with the space of AWOMB karasuma honten.


“Ori”, this word can be directly translated to weaving. However, in Japanese weaving can also mean to combine different things in order to create one thing.
Teori sushi takes inspiration from the word ‘Ori’ so you can create your very own sushi by combining our colorful, locally sourced ingredients.
We would like you to enjoy the taste of Kyoto where local crafts people have been weaving vibrant silks to create kimono since the Edo period.
You can freely combine obanzai and fish, which are packed with the flavor and nutrition of the ingredients, to create your own original hand-rolled sushi. Please enjoy AWOMB's original "Teori-sushi".

Discerning material

Vinegared rice

Slightly sweet sushi rice made with Koshihikari rice from Tamba and Chidori vinegar
from Murayama Zousu in Kyoto. We combine them just
before serving them and prepare them in a slightly warm condition.


Roasted seaweed from the Ariake Sea allows you to feel the rich scent of the sea even when wrapped around sushi rice and other ingredients.
Roasted seaweed that is perfect for Teori-sushi, with a good crispness and melting in
the mouth.

Dashi stock

The flavorful kombu seaweed from Rishiri and the elegantly
sweet bonito flakes without blood are used to carefully prepare the dashi stock.
You can enjoy the flavorful and flavorful broth.


Kyoto Ishino Miso's white miso, which features a delicate
and gentle sweetness, is great not only for cooking but also for sweets. It is one of the essential ingredients for the AWOMB karasuma honten's
specialty "white miso milk pudding".

AWOMB karasuma honten

Opening hours 11:30‒15:00 (Last call 14:00) / 17:30‒21:00 (Last call 20:00)

Holidays No regular holidays
*Due to circumstances, there is a possibility that the time will be shortened or closed temporarily. Please check the news on our website/reservation-only site for details.

Tel 050-3134-3003

Address 189 Ubayanagi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8213

Access 7 minutes walk from "Shijo Station" on the subway Karasuma Line / 7 minutes walk from "Karasuma Station" on the Hankyu Kyoto Line

Please note
*Priority will be given to customers who have made a reservation from the reservation site. Due to the limited number of meals, we may not be able to guide you to visit us on the day of your visit or make a reservation by phone. [We recommend making a reservation in advance from the reservation site. ]
*Reservations are only accepted from the reservation site. Please note that we do not accept reservations by phone or e-mail, except on the day of use.
*We do not allow children under the age of 5 to use this facility.
*We will prepare "Teori-sushi" for the number of people who made a reservation. (One meal is also ordered for children.)
*There is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot for customers.
*Cash or credit card (VISA, JCB, Mastercard, American Express) or QUICPay or PayPay etc. can be used for payment.