Catering service

Once-in-a-lifetime meeting service

Nodate is a culture of casually enjoying tea ceremonies in which matcha is made in the field.
We would like to pass on this culture that has been enjoyed since ancient times in Japan through sushi and Japanese cuisine.
Based on the client’s thoughts, we will sincerely help you with the time of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting chance.

Finger food

Bite-sized dishes based on sushi and Japanese cuisine.
Sweeteners are also available upon request. You can choose between the style of serving at random on a large table recommended for parties, and the style of serving each person on a plate that is also pleasing to small gatherings.

Serve Teori-sushi

It is a dish that offers hand-rolled sushi face-to-face after receiving an order from a guest. A set of sushi and roasted seaweed from the Ariake Sea. On top of the base sushi, we will arrange your favorite ingredients and seasonings according to each guest's taste.

Order flow


2 months before Request

It doesn't matter if you don't have a concrete image. Please feel free to contact us first. Please make a request [at least 2 months before].



We will ask for details based on your request. We can also prepare sweets and drinks (affiliated with other companies), so please feel free to contact us.



We will give you a food suggestion. If it does not match the image or additional consultation, we will respond as much as possible.


1 week before Alignment

We will ask you about the flow of the day, the final number of guests, etc. If you have any changes or cancellations, please let us know [at least one week before].



We will deliver to the specified location. Please let us know in advance if you would like staff to serve your meal. We also accept deliveries only.

Delivery charge


Regardless of the presence or absence of on-site setting by the staff, a separate delivery fee will be charged even if only the food is delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

●In the case of paid parking lot use
If you use coin parking, you will be charged for the parking time.

●In the case of expressway use
The round-trip expressway toll will be calculated and billed as an ordinary car toll.

Service charge

◯No service (delivery only): 0 yen
We will deliver the food to the designated venue.

◯Setting service: 3,000 yen
Our staff will arrange the food in the designated place in advance.
It will take about 1-2 hours to arrange and serve the food.

◯Full service: 3,000 yen/hour
Our staff will stay and do everything from setting up in advance to serving food and cleaning up at the end.
We will provide various support so that everyone can spend a comfortable time.

*Fees will be charged from the work after the set-up is completed (as soon as the food is ready to be served). There is no variation based on the number of staff.


Free drinks (pay-as-you-go system) are also available.
In addition, we will also propose original drinks that match the image.

◯Early morning/late night charge: 3,000 yen/hour
Additional charges will be applied if work is done before 12:00 or after 21:00.
*It occurs from work contents before 12:00 and after 21:00 including setting.

◯Desk rental: 1 (W160cm×D60cm×H70cm) 1,000 yen *Up to 2

Cancellation charge


Please let us know the final number of orders, changes, cancellations, etc. at least one week in advance.
After confirming the estimate and the contents of the dishes and contacting us with the final number of orders, we cannot change or cancel the order.


(Example of request) Wedding party for 30 people
・Finger food 12 types per person
・Hand-made hand-woven sushi (3-4 plates per person)
+ Full service (3h): 9,000 yen
+ Shipping fee (Kyoto city): 3,000 yen
[Total amount 252,000 yen (8,400 yen per person)]
*Dishes (disposable containers), wet towels, disposable chopsticks: Free
*Can be brought in separatelyz

The above is an example. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.